A week without the Book

Day 2: I awoke in a sweat. Why, oh why, didn’t I change my settings so I couldn’t be tagged in photos or statuses? What would the online world be seeing that is beyond my control? I was in a fretful state as I imagined the havoc the online world could be bestowing on me.

Day 3: I was booking a massage for a Producer, reading reviews and accidentally clicked on a Facebook page. Whoops. I may or may not have skim read my notifications.

Day 4: I logged in and temporarily deactivated my account. I got a rush of power. I felt on top of the world. And the feeling of anonymity felt good. I was invincible and invisible.

Day 5, 6, 7 & 8: I was so busy and preoccupied with work I forgot all about Facebook. Actually. In downtime I went and had real conversations with real people. My Instagram trawling may have peaked higher than usual.

Day 9: I logged back on to Facebook. The notifications were of no real interest. I scanned the newsfeed. I began to feel hateful. I’d forgotten how annoying people and Facebook are.

And now? The last few days my Facebook use has been almost back on par with earlier days. I’m a little bit disappointed with myself. But I see Facebook for what it is: a tool of procrastination that alleviates boredom.  I want to spend more of life away from a screen. I’ll endeavor to minimise my clicking on the little blue f.

A week without Facebook. Day 1.

Every morning the first thing I do (after pressing snooze twice) is check my Facebook and mindlessly scroll through the newsfeed. I must check my Facebook at least 20 times a day. I’m hopelessly addicted. That addiction is stopping. Today.

A week with no Facebook.

DAY 1.

Without Facebook to ease me in, the morning didn’t go so smoothly. It was the 1st day on a job, I rushed out the door planning to do my make up at red lights (as I do) yet realised I’d forgotten to bring any make up. Fail.

Then I couldn’t stop thinking about my Facebook all morning. I was almost getting twitchy. Dreaming of all the great notifications I may be missing out on. I opened Facebook on my phone. I quickly closed it. 1 notification showed up. I ignored it.

One week without Facebook. Easy.

I still have Facebook messenger on my phone, and have justified this is allowed as it’s a separate app. I also still have my beloved Instagram, though I have restricted posting to 1 photo per day for the next week also. I’m curbing my social media addiction.

I’m clearly not used to the concept of self discipline, because all of a sudden multiple great ideas were coming to me. Only 1 coffee a day. No snoozing. Exercise!

I came home from work and instead of tralling Facebook aimlessly, I went for a 1/2 hour power walk. I forgot my headphones, so played my music loud enough for people to wonder if they were hearing things. It’s the real world baby. A day that begun badly ended with a smerk.

n.b. this blog uploads to Facebook automatically, I'm not cheating....

n.b. my blog uploads to Facebook automatically, I’m not cheating….